Working hard

Whew… Just spent most of the weekend putting together content for distribution.  I’ve got over a hundred songs recorded with varying levels of completeness, so I picked out 13 of them to put together in a collection (an analect) and ordered 100 CDs from CDBaby.

The frustrating thing is that CDBaby has a lot of different services, and they don’t seem very well coordinated.  I spent almost all day today putting together the CD artwork and music and getting formatted correctly and uploaded.  Then I went to the digital distribution section so that I could sell digital copies of the album and songs, only to discover that there doesn’t seem to be a link between the physical duplication service and the digital distribution service.  I sent in an email to ask for guidance, but I’m afraid that they’re just gonna tell me I’m out of luck, and need to reproduce everything in a slightly different format.

That would suck.

On a more positive note, here is the artwork for the CD:

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