Slowly easing in…

I’ve been participating in the on-line community for a long time now (getting close to twenty years?), but I’m just getting going on trying to put together a cohesive on-line identity.   The main impetus for this is trying to share music with people.  Over the last year, I’ve been playing more and more live shows, and people have asked for recorded versions of various songs I’ve done.  I’ve got those files on my computer, and I sometimes point people to one of my YouTube sites, but I just figured it’s time to make this stuff easier to find.

What does that mean?  New accounts for everyone!!

  • A new website (this) that will serve as the central content repository
  • A new YouTube account (DanHaugMusic) for putting up videos of recordings, and other things that are better shared in an animated format.
  • A new twitter account (DanHaug_) for following my favorite tweeps and sharing cool content.
  • A new account on CDBaby to distribute and/or sell MP3 files

Is that it?

It seems like a lot of work, but I still haven’t picked the music I’m going to put up. My wife keeps making fun of me because, instead of starting with the music, the first thing I did when I setup this site was start making photo galleries. 🙂

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