same place

Shortly after I got a copy of Cubase recording software, I was playing around with time signatures.  I created a new track and set it to 5/4 time, and just started playing to the beep track. This song, simply fell out of that process.

I recorded the version that you can get on-line, but I still couldn’t play it and sing at the same time.  It took me a couple months of working at it on and off to get it down.

It’s ten o’clock on a beautiful Sunday morning in the springtime, summertime, anytime
Little Andy wanders down the back steps feeling fine, gonna clear his mind
He shuffles down to the river-walk moving to the abstract beat inside his head
Spirits rising as the sun shines off the water and his feet take him where they’re lead, where they’re lead

John and Maggie down by the riverside, decisions needing to be made
Moving at an easy pace, in quiet voices discuss the plans they’ve made
It doesn’t matter what they say, they’re moving in a space that’s all their own
They could be anyplace, this just happens to be the one they call their home

Same place, in a different space
Ever want to get out of the race
Look across the river, you’ll see Andy sitting there, not a care

Same place, in a different space
Find there’s something you need to replace
Look across the river, you’ll see Andy playing in the water there

A cardboard box stuffed with newspaper keeps Robert warm on those chilly, chilly nights
Still reeking of alcohol he turns to shade his eyes from the morning light
Roles up on his side, peeking through the foliage that keeps him out of sight
Seeing Andy across the river there brings a smile to his eyes as it’s done so many times

Same place, in a different space
Can’t even look society in the face
Look across the river, he sees Andy playing there, not a care

Same place, in a different space
Can’t decide who’s more the disgrace
Coasting through our lives, you know that we are not aware, we don’t care

We could be anywhere


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