camera three

We haven’t owned a TV in more than fifteen years (although with streaming video on the computer, it’s almost like we’ve got one now), so I didn’t hear about Jon Stewart and The Daily Show until around 2006. I started watching videos of him on YouTube, and loved the fact that the main target of his satire was the absurdity of the press and the media. I wrote this song, and my kids and I made the video below:

11:15 on a Monday night
Watchin’ the turn of the tide
Bathed in the televisions flickerin’ light
Looks like I’m in for a ride
Not sure what I’m seein’ here
Don’t think it’s the news
With a saucy shake of his head
Gives me an offer I can’t refuse

Meet me at camera three
So many damn talking heads
And they’re all lying to me
He calls the mainstream media out
It’s like he’s settin’ me free (when he says)
Meet me at camera three

Next thing I know he’s all over the place
News men are runnin’ scared
Novak, O’Rielly, and what’s his face
As if somebody cared
They know he’s gonna take ‘em on
He knows just what to do
He may just be a provincial New Yorker
But I would run if I were you

Meet me at camera three
He’s about to call you out
He’ll have you on your knees
He ain’t thinkin’ ‘bout the fallout now
He’s just shakin’ the tree (when he says)
Meet me at camera three

He’s ready for escalation
Even though he’s only five-foot-four
He knows Colbert has got his back
It’s all there in the report
Po-Mo scholars rejoicing
they see publications for years
“Fake news show started an arms race
played on big media’s fears”

Meet me at camera four
You know you can’t scare him
He’s got surprises in store
I think you’d best just lick your wounds
Just pull yourself off the floor (if he says)
Meet me at camera four


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