Because we don’t travel enough…

I know that I haven’t posted much on this blog over the years, but maybe that will change in the future (or maybe not… I’m not making any commitments). However, the lack of content doesn’t reflect a lack of activity in my life. As a matter of fact, this last fall we took an epic trip to Iceland, Isreal, and the UK. I’ve actually made a ton of videos and posted pictures… just nothing here.

Not only that, but we’re going to Mazatlan with Sarah’s mom in the end of January, and have trips planned to Ireland and Patagonia in the next eighteen months. However, I’m still itching to get out more. There are a bunch of places in the US that I still haven’t seen, and I’m also hoping to be doing a little gigging over the next couple of years.

So in late November, we took the plunge and ordered a Winnebago Travato. For those of you unfamiliar, it’s a class B RV, meaning an RV built into a van. We actually think of it as a big camper van.

The model that we ordered is a diesel 59G. In theory, it can seat and sleep four. In reality, three should be OK. Here’s the floor plan:


We originally ordered it in a color they call “Granite”, but I got an email about three weeks after we placed the order telling me that I couldn’t get a diesel in that color anymore, so now we are going with silver, which actually looks a little like a delivery van. It should look (more or less) like this:


Latest news is that we should have it by mid-February. I’ll post a walk-through video once we get it.

In the mean time, we already have a couple good trips planned. In late March and/or early April we’d like to go visit a good friend in Santa Fe. We’re thinking of taking a couple of weeks and hitting some national parks.

In addition, we’re thinking of driving back to Cape Cod again this summer. Sarah’s mom and sister already have a house lined up, and it would actually be cheaper to drive than fly and rent a car. So that would be 10k miles right there. I just need to setup some gigs along the way. 🙂

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