New Rig


So we have had our new Winnebago Travato for about a month now. We’ve taken it out on a couple over-night trips and driven it regularly, and we’re pretty excited about it. No buyer’s remorse (yet… cross your fingers). We did have to take it in to the Dodge dealership due to an oil leak (yeah… the chassis came off the assembly line 12/2015, and sprung a leak 2/16… hope that’s not a sign of things to come). The problem was a torn gasket on the PCV valve, and was quickly taken care of.

Here’s a quick walk-through of the week the day after we picked it up:

We named the rig “Bardd” which is the Welsh word that “bard” is derived from. We figured it made sense due to the fact that a bard was a traveling story-teller and musician. We think of this rig as Sarah’s mobile office, where she can continue to write her novels while we’re on the road.

I’ll post more as we start taking it on longer trips.


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