simple song

This is actually one of my least favorite songs. I spent about three months playing around with it one summer while I was on a road trip with a friend. It never really came together the way I wanted it to, and I’m pretty sure that he was completely sick of it by the end of our trip. I would say that it’s pretty much a cliche love song, but I wrote another song called “just another cliche love song”…

When I was making a video of this song, my son Gareth was doing a lot of little animation stuff, so I asked him to do the animation for the video as a home school project. He was 11 at the time, and he scripted the whole thing himself. Let us know how you think it came out.

It’s a simple song I sing to you because I’m a simple man
The reasoning that I bring to you is not hard to understand
The moment I let down my guard and felt you come inside
I realized that I had nothing left to hide

But sometimes I don’t understand the pain
mistakes within my life occur again and again
and sometimes when I close my eyes and pretend that nothing’s here
well then, and only then, is this life clear

I struggle through the underbrish to reach the meadows that I love
set aside all pretense and put my faith in heaven above
You see, I can’t understand what’s in my heart with just my mind
Emotions are far too difficult to define

Still I try to tell you how I feel
but how can I explain what I don’t even know is real
So if you see me struggling with myself, and don’t know what to say
Just take my hand, and pull me from the fray

I gamble with the present to create a credible past
out of a future full of potential sometimes I fear the die has been cast
the moment you walked in my life, the rules all seemed to change
I guess I’m just a victim of the game

And if there’s some divine plan set for me
can I maintain my freedom having lost my liberty
Then I look into your eyes, it’s neither here nor there
all that matters is that you’re with me and that you care


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