Moonie & the blue horse

I wrote this song as a wedding present for a friend of mine (Yes… I am too cheap to buy her something nice). It’s a cool story that she told me about when she was a really little girl growing up in the Southwest. She and her husband had wedding rings made that were inspired by this story (see the picture at the beginning of the video)

Do you remember when you were just a girl waiting for love to arrive
In dusty sunlight at the end of each day when the man on the blue horse rode by
Oh the hours you spent with your daydreaming pining away in your room
Hoping someday you’d catch his eye and he’d carry you home to the moon
Home to the moon…

When your blue heart is dragging you lower than low
As the blue moon watches over the places you go
Remember that no one can show you your way.  The path that you choose is your own.

Hey there, Moonie in all of your life felt that you’ve had to carry the load
Looking back it ain’t been all bad breaks, but you’ve still had a long row to hoe
But today when you look out your door, the world is a shining new place
You both know that’s not all that’s in store, but I’ll give you this comfort to take
Comfort to take…

When your blue hearts are dragging you lower than low
And the blue sky is obscured by the dust from the road
Well the blue horse will carry your hearts to their home
As the blue moon watches over the places you roam
No one can tell you the paths that you’ll tread but at least you’re not going alone
No one can tell you the path you should tread but together you’re on your way home


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