Pendleton Open Mic

On Thursday night I played the Open Mic put on by the City of Pendleton. I play it every month. It’s a fun group of people, and a nice low-key environment. The first seven months, they did it at a little theatre here in town, but The last couple of months they’ve done it on the green in front of Hamley’s. It draws a few more people and creates a little buzz, which is cool.

There weren’t a ton of artists there, so we all went through once, playing 3-4 songs, and then went around again. There was a guy there doing some stand-up, and after the first set, he asked if I’d get up there with him and just riff a little bit while he told some jokes. I was a little nervous about it, but it ended up being pretty fun.

On a mostly unrelated note, I think I’ve resolved the issues with the digital distribution of my new CD on CDBaby. I ended up having to re-load the information to their digital distribution, because the duplication order is actually a separate company (even though the website makes it seem like they’re all under one roof). Now I just need to wait to see how long it will take to get everything for sale.

I also ordered some digital download cards. Each card has a unique code that allows you to download the CD for free. I can sell the cards at a reduced rate at live shows, and folks can then download the music at a later date. They have the advantage of providing an immediate sale without the overhead of physical media. It will be interesting to see if anyone will buy them 🙂

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