Videos of Wales

I just got home from a great trip to Wales with my beautiful and talented wife, Sarah Woodbury. We went to Wales because she has written 11 historical novels and novellas set in medeval Wales, and she had a grueling itinerary set for us. The map below shows most of the places that we visited in the twelve, or so, days that we were in the country (although the map also includes Chester and Shrewesbury, in England).

We shot video at all but one site, and my job was to cut together the video, and get it up on YouTube so that she could blog about it throughout the trip. The videos are embeded in the map markers if you want to check them all out, but one of my favorite places that we visitedis embedded below: an Iron Age hill fort called Tre’r Ceiri. If you have a decent internet connection, be sure to watch in HD. If you want to watch more than one video, the easiest way to get to them is probably through Sarah’s YouTube channel.

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