Self Pity 6.0.1

When I was in grad school I had an office mate that was a pretty bright guy (OK… he was brilliant). His name was Frank Boscoe and he was on a full-ride university fellowship studying historical geography, but he also had been in a series of indie pop bands in the Pittsburg music scene. As he put it, “I made enough money for me to support my hobby of being in a band.”

As a grad student, he was pretty careful about telling people about his “alter ego.” He wanted to be taken seriously as an academic. Eventually his band (Vehicle Flips) ended up playing at Penn State, and I got a chance to check them out. I really like Frank’s music, and have ended up doing a couple of covers. This is one.

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  1. Marijana says:

    … Bravo to your co-worker! She’s absolutely right. Landon is atatrctive. 🙂 Count me on the love him side. I don’t care where he plays – MLS or Europe – I love to watch him play (though I’m hoping he gets to europe; it just would be fun to watch.)Why does he need to go to Europe??? You’d rather watch him play inferior German or Swiss clubs rather than buy a ticket and see him in person? Go back to Europe where you belong….

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