NACIS: A GREAT conference

I just left the North American Cartographic Information Society 2011 conference this evening. I’ve been to A LOT of conferences over the years, and I’ve got to admit that I often have trouble sitting through sessions. It’s not that the content or presentations are necessarily bad… it’s just that I’ve never been good at sitting still and focusing on something that I wasn’t actively involved in.

This particular conference, however, was great! I’m sure that it, at least partially, had something to do with my state of mind, and the fact that I had some really specific things I was looking to get out of it… but it also had something to do with the fact that the people there are SO NICE, and the organizers made a concerted effort to create a welcoming atmosphere.

On a more personal note, It also helped that a lot of people who I consider to be friends were attending, it was held in Madison, the weather was pretty nice (at least part of the time), and I had my guitar, so I could sneak up to my room and play a song now and then.

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